Let’s just say that at one point I did “have a thing” for Ashei, and for a short while we treated each other as you might treat your romantic partner. There were some hiccups (i.e. her…. abrasiveness in public) but we tried none the less. Turns out she’s got quite the protective streak and I just wasn’t someone who needed to be guarded from anything. 

As for Zelda, and I think I may have mentioned this before, I have much respect for the queen of Hyrule. And while I think she is beautiful in all ways, I’m just not that interested. Her lifestyle and mine don’t match up at all and unless some kind of miracle happened to make us fall in love, it’s not something I’m interested in.

Link is quite a dashing lad, and I’ve loved every second I’ve spent with him! He makes a point to come visit me whenever he’s in Castle Town (which is more and more frequent as of late). Let’s just say I wouldn’trefuse any invitations or proposals from him.

Ilia stayed at Telma’s Bar nearly a week before Link first showed his face. When she first arrived, Telma brought her to the back to meet the resistance and some guards to try and make her feel comfortable. Sometimes she’d peep into the back room just for some company to take her mind of of Ralis and her foggy memory, but she wasn’t an active part of conversation for the most part. She answered any questions she was asked to the best of her ability and she was very friendly towards everyone at Telma’s, but it was clear that she had a lot on her mind.

After she left Telma’s to stay with the shaman, Renado, I went to Kakariko to visit. I didn’t know she would be there and it was a pleasure to see her. But, truthfully, aside from polite exchanges of greeting we’ve never gotten the chance to really talk. I hope that one day I can go to visit her in Ordon as well as Link and the rest of the children.

The wolf!! Yes, I’ve seen it! Although only once. It tried to come into Telma’s one night and gave us all quite the scare. Telma chased it away rather quickly, but I did manage to notice that it had strange markings on it’s head. It was really quite a beast if I may say so. I hope it wasn’t much of a bother to any Castle Town residents, I don’t remember hearing about any injuries. But now that the kingdom is back in order, everything should be alright.

If Link was a girl, I’d probably still think the same of her. I’d still respect (and envy) her, but I’d try to aid her in her journey in any way possible. If she took me to see the Oocca, I’d certainly be overjoyed (although I doubt that’s even possible, truthfully), but I’d feel the same way if she were her regular, male self. 

If anything I’d most likely respect her more for overcoming the expectation  for domesticity in women and achieving such great accomplishments.

If she fancied me? That’s impossible! But I do have to thank you for your compliment.

I think Link’s situation is much more time-pressing and that’s why she’d always be short for words. She can certainly speak, she just chooses to narrow her focuses on the path ahead and rather likes listening to figure things out for herself. Her adventures require her to constantly chase, objective after objective, and I think even when she settles down she won’t be one for much idle talk. She’ll probably rely on someone else to tell her tale, or sit back and enjoy how her story changes.

I have had the chance to meet the Princess! It was a brief meeting, however. There was a “Re-Coronation” ceremony once peace was properly restored in Hyrule, and all of the members of the resistance were invited to observe. We expected Link to get acknowledged, but all of us in the Resistance were astonished when Zelda herself called us up to personally thank all of us. She said her short spiel, and allowed us the chance to speak with her. Shamefully enough, I completely froze up and couldn’t respond. As a matter of fact, the only other person who froze up was Ashei, which none of us expected. Or perhaps she did speak to the Princess afterward, but she accepted Zelda’s thanks silently.

I’m afraid I must decline your offer!! After all, the only reason I’m at Telma’s is because of the resistance… I’m not one to drink, really. Nor am I one to cram myself in a room full of moving people (especially a room full of testosterone driven men).

I admire many, many people, friend. And I wish that I could take little traits about them and add them to myself, some times, to maybe be a man of more appeal. For example Telma’s kindness, Ashei’s cunning, or Princess Zelda’s true wisdom, but what for? I do however look up to Link in some aspects. If you could look past his lax nature and carefree personality (and  let’s not look past his incredible talent of being able to sleep anywherehe’s a genuinely great person. He’s strong-willed, loyal, courageous, and kind at heart. He always means well even if he slips up occasionally. Chosen by the Goddesses themselves. 

I’ve recently gotten 100 (well, technically 109 at the moment) followers and I want to thank all of you for listening to my rambles and showing curiosity in my research! It’s truly dumbfounding to see so many of you interested in me! I’m going to try my very hardest to get to all of your questions, and please forgive me if I try your patience, it takes me quite a while to think of fulfilling answers to all of your questions, unfortunately.

But I look forward to taking more of your questions and keeping you updated on my research!

((OOC here, hey guys! I’m sorry I’ve been so slow lately, I’m trying my hardest to juggle my summer work and so far I have absolutely none of it done oops. It might be a little slow for a while, I promise I’ll try and update as frequently as I can! I’m also working on my comic, and I’ll be super duper busy come September (still in high-school h a), but I’ll try hard to get some drawings done whenever I can! Thank you for following, I really appreciate your lovely questions and this is a really fun blog to run!!))

Yes, my father was a butler for the royal family, but he retired before he “officially” started his research. He still read up on everything he could find while he was working, but he started venturing into the fields after he retired. He was good friends with Telma, however, and told me that if anything were to ever happen to him that I should make my way to her bar to relay the news. Now, of course, I had met Telma before I had to deliver the news of his passing, but it wasn’t until my father died that Telma had told me of the Resistance group. She told me of all of the times she had asked my father to lend an ear to their conversations and offer some good word, but he had always turned her down. I took up on her offer to fill the space that my father’s death had left, and they aided my research as I aided them with their own endeavors.

The post man seemed rather…. unenthusiastic at the task at hand, but agreed half heartedly. Goddesses know when that letter will arrive to Link. It seems it will be a while until I get a response.